To honour God,
By honouring Human  

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    Trust and confidence built on integrity. We are committed to principles of Humanity and Professionalism.

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    Our mission is to empower and enable our investors to gain trading excellence and financial independence.



We are a team of highly trained professionals experienced in AI based trading, crypto currency, client support and traders with more than 15 years of experience.


Maitra Commodities Pvt. Ltd

Maitra is a Financial Trading Broking House headquartered in Chennai. Established in 2012, we have a strong network of business associates and branches all across South India with a patronage of 9000+ clients.Kick starting as a financial portal with operations only in commodity trading

What we do

Where We Invest/Trade

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What makes us different !?

  • Your investment will be traded from your own account
  • Invested amount can be withdrawn any time without any condition.
  • Your capital amount is safe in your own account. We only redistribute the profit from trading.
  • An intrnational trading and DEMAT account will be created in your name, totally free of cost.
  • DTC coin worth your investment value will be deposited in your trustwallet.
FIVE source of Income

How you earn

  • 1  -  ROI - Return On Investment

  • 2  -  Direct Bonus

  • 3  -  Matching Bonus

  • 4  -  Trade Profit Income

  • 5  -  Repurchasing Income

Matching Bonus

20 Weeks - Weekly 1%

Trade Profit Income

Daily (200 Working days) - Daily Withdrawal

Direct Bonus

5 Weeks - Weekly 1%

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There is possibility that crypto will be be-floated on the NASDAQ and to be used as an alternative to conventional currencies. Crypto might be listed as a verified Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

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